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Asked by: Zach Mar 2, 2008

In your experience are there children who just don’t have the temperament to meditate? My child can’t sit still... 

No all children can meditate; you can choose a meditation that is more suitable for your child’s temperament. For a child that cannot sit still very long, engage them in a guided meditation where their mind is being brought under control and focused. We can also find some active meditation techniques like playing in nature or music and dance; anything that can be done with mindfulness of the present moment and focus is meditation for a child.

Try Guided Meditation for Children - Journey into the Elements this is great for children ages 4-12.

Asked by: Susan June 02, 2012

Q. How can yoga help me in my everyday life? I know yoga is great for the body but what other ways can it be beneficial? 

Yoga is so much more than physical postures (asanas). In the west we focus on Hatha yoga more than the other forms of yoga because people are more interested in their physical bodies. What they might not realize is that yoga, while giving them that great body is also working on the other bodies, the astral and causal bodies. This is why yoga feels so satisfying in the end. All three bodies physical, mental and spiritual are toned and energized at the end of a yoga class. The yoga we teach, Sampoorna Yoga incorporates all yoga's Raja yoga, Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, Gyana Yoga, and Nada yoga. These yoga's work on every aspect of the human personality allowing for the whole person to emerge. This brings balance and harmony to an individual.