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The Vedantic View on the Law of Attraction

Chitra Sukhu - Thursday, May 17, 2012

You are what your deep driving desire is.
As your desire is, so your will. As your will is,
So your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.
(Brihadaranyaka Upanishad IV.5)

Most of us are familiar with the law of attraction. It has been debated around the world and put into practice by many. There have even been whole workshops devoted to just this law and we’ve found that it works for some, but not others. Why is this so?

A law is absolute. If it is a law, it should work for everyone. Right? There is more to this law than meets the physical eye of course. The debate has only touched upon the law, focusing more on the objects of desire and how to attain these objects than the subject who perceives and makes life happen. To fully understand the law of attraction, we need to understand its origin. That origin begins and ends with you. The world lives in us and is perceived by a body -mind system we have created.

We have always been creators, and we continue to create every day of our lives. Our mind is the tool we use to paint the world, but most of us don’t have full control of our brushes. Most of us live at the level of the body- mind system, believing that is who we are. We allow this system to run the show. We lose sight of the fact that the body - mind system is our tool, a tool of our own making; a tool that allows us to create and live in this world as we travel through life having the experiences we so want to have.

We’ve become lost along the way, the human mind regularly moves from one desire to another, trying to find fulfillment, trying to regain our original state of bliss. We forget that is who we are. We are bliss itself. We are Sat Chit Ananda, existence, knowledge, and bliss absolute. This is our true nature, for we are powerful beings living in a world we have created and surrounded by other parts of ourselves that do reflect ourselves back to us.

At any moment, we can take the reins and run the show. We are all sleeping, but we don’t know we are until we wake up. So, as we take on the body- mind system, we forget our true nature. We become what our deep driving desire is. Desire is the cause, and birth is the effect. This world of duality is sustained by the law of cause and effect, the law of karma.

Once we accept our birth, countless desires are born, as we move away from the true self and into the world. These desires will be fulfilled in this lifetime or a future lifetime… that is the law. This process of birth continues until all desires are exhausted. These desires become exhausted, as we try on different roles, achieve our goals, and attain the objects we seek, bringing us to the realization after each desire is met, we are still no closer to the state of eternal bliss.

It is a state we catch glimpses of as we achieve a goal, but it is a temporary bliss, it never lasts. We then look in a different direction, inward. We start to ask ourselves the bigger questions of life, like who am I? What is the purpose of this life? Where do I fit into the scheme of things? We start to desire to know the Self and awaken to our original state, as we know all desires are fulfilled in this lifetime or future lifetimes.

The universe conspires to teach you about the self. It draws you into life situations that will satisfy your desires. A friend might bring you along to a yoga class. You might meet someone who is involved in an ashram and visit later that month. A guru might be there who speaks to you. Indeed, out- of- nowhere situations will present itself to you, so you may learn more about the Self, because your desire to know the Self has been awakened, and the universe is answering that call.

The universe always answers. However, our mind often becomes scattered, running in different directions, which is why our life reflects chaos. When all desires cease, even the basic desire to know the Self, we are able to merge with the supreme Self. Desire is what veils the Self and sustains the illusion, allowing the Self to experience its creation.

What is your deep driving desire? We seem only to know the immediate desires that surface when we are in constant contact with the world. Most of these desires are material ones... I desire to be rich, I want a huge mansion, a fancy sports car and more… but what is the underlying goal of all these desires? We think that when we have many material objects, we will be happy, but when we get them, we realize they bring only a temporary happiness that does not last. True happiness is spiritual in nature, not material.

You will never find permanent happiness in the objects of the world; the only place to find happiness is within yourself. Schopenhauer says “It is difficult to find happiness within oneself, but it is impossible to find it anywhere else.” You need to look within to the subject that perceives the object; this is where your focus needs to be. The subject is the perceiver, the part of us that is eternally happy and satisfied; it cares not about material gain or the lack of it.

When the perceiver becomes our internal reference point, our anchor, we are always happy and satisfied. The mind becomes calm, yet able to move within the world as a productive creator of life. Spiritual evolution is marked not by your knowledge of the scriptures or how much you are able to renounce, but by stability of the mind. When the mind becomes stable, it allows you to move in the world as a conscious creator, not a victim of circumstance. We start to use the mind as a tool to create the world around us. We use our intellect to make evolutionary choices, and we keep the body healthy, so we can use this birth to realize the “Self”, the ultimate goal of life.

At the core of our being, we are actually whole, the Supreme Self, the Atman which is cloaked in the body- mind system. The Atman is what animates the body and allows it to perceive and act. It animates the mind and lets it feel and allows the intellect to think and contemplate. Yet, the type of perception, action, feeling, and thought that comes from the body- mind and intellect will depend on one’s inherent nature or vasanas. Your present vasanas set the pattern of your life, and only self-effort can modify or change that pattern. It is a choice only human beings have.

Vasanas are unmanifested seeds of action that lie dormant as your potential nature. These seeds wait for the right environment before they will grow, and when that right environment presents, they take root and grow into the proper manifestation. Your vasanas come from and are a result of the past. Your past actions produce your present vasanas, and your present vasanas produce further actions. This cycle continues until all desires are exhausted. When all desires cease, we merge with the Supreme Self. Here we exist in eternal bliss. It is the state we are actively searching for in the world. It is the ultimate goal of human life. That state is here within us; there is no need to search outside, for we carry it everywhere we go.

But how do we find this bliss? With all the desires that keep bubbling up to the surface of the mind, how is it possible not to have desires? But let’s not go down that path of thinking yet, for most of us are not ready for the ultimate goal. We still desire many objects of the world, which is why the law of attraction is so attractive... Many of us still like the play. So let’s play with the world as a conscious creator.

The whole universe that springs forth from the Supreme Self also resides in you, for you are a creator. When you created this world, you spoke its language and told it what you wanted it to do and be for you. You received just what you asked for, but to fully experience the creation, you had to lose yourself in it, forget how powerful you were. You are now asking to become a full participant in your life story, and the universe is listening.

We can all speak the language of the universe. We do so every day; its language is vibration. When you raise your vibration, the universe matches it and sends it back with an experience that matches the vibration. When you lower your vibration, the universe does the same; it does not discriminate. So how do you raise and lower your vibration? With your thoughts… where do your thoughts come from? Your mind.

Here it gets tricky because the mind is a product of your vasanas, and your vasanas are the primary cause or source of desire, thought, and action. This is why when you hold a thought about what you think you want, other thoughts combat that thought because it might not be in line with your inherent nature. That’s not to say that the law of attraction does not work. What I am saying here is that we have to master a lot more than your thoughts because those thoughts won’t stay in line with your desire if the desire is not in harmony with your inherent nature.

A person who is an environmental activist will not wake up one day and wish for more of anything that might ruin our earth. He has awakened to his purpose, now anything he desires from this place will manifest easily as he is in harmony with his higher calling. It would then be against his inherent nature to wish for a gas guzzling car etc... The same is true of us. If what we wish for is something that is not in line with our inherent nature that something will not manifest. Our inner dialogue will be at war with what we wish for. You see our desire has to be believable to ourselves before the universe, our source of material abundance, can believe it and provide you with it.

Most of us are not sure what our inherent nature is because we don’t really reflect or contemplate the Self. We really need to look at who we are, or more accurately we need to look at who this person is that we’ve created. We need to look at our ego or created self and analyze it to see what desires we can safely absorb and play with in our lives. Then we can move forward and manifest our life to be in line with our inherent nature. We can play in this world where we exist and be a conscious creator of life. We are powerful beings enveloped in this body – mind system, live from your true self and the world becomes your playground. 

New Release - Vedic Lullabies

Chitra Sukhu - Friday, May 04, 2012


These ancient Vedic Slokas and Mantras are accompanied by tanpura, flute and sitar, vibrating and speaking to the Soul in its very own language. Relaxing melodies weave a state of absolute meditative bliss. 

Sanskrit Mantras penetrate deep into the center of our Being, allowing for our highest Truth to emerge. These vibrations are powerful, freeing and uplifting, while allowing us a glimpse into our true nature. With frequent listening and repetition you will achieve a state of Peace and expansiveness. This is a beautiful CD for sleep, Meditation, Yoga, Massage, and Ayurvedic therapy. Great for all ages! 

Two Major Misconceptions about Tantra

Chitra Sukhu - Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1. Tantra is another name for spiritual Sex - Usually when people hear the word Tantra they think about sexual practices or rituals involving sex. In reality Tantra is a profound science. It is a precise system that employs methods like Pranayama, mantras, and meditation as well as vedic astrology, and Ayurveda to work with the energies in the universe to transform your life and transcend this plane. The predominant energies in the universe are creative, the sexual energy being the grossest manifestation of energy. If you focus on this one element of Tantra and say this is what Tantra is then you're missing the point. That's like equating yoga with only postures (yoga is so much more than that!) Yes, Tantra includes sex as well as anything that is of the world because it knows the world as creative energies that are in constant play, it allows for variations, and these variations are what sustain the world allowing it to manifest.

2. Tantra deals with magic and rituals - while Tantra encompasses these things it's not the focus of Tantra. As we know Tantra deals with the Shakti energy, the creative energy that is all pervasive. It's from this energy that we have come to be... this energy is neutral until you bring it to life through intent and purpose. So it depends on the person who is wielding this energy how he or she will choose to use it. If it is used in a way that is for self gratification or to harm others then the energy will do just that, but come back to the source with equal force, hence karma.

These two misconceptions are all most people know about Tantra, so there is a taboo, understandably, but that is because people that practice at this level are the ones that exploit these powerful energies and are personalities that want to become known, want to use Tantra at its basic level. Tantra can be used for transformation and liberation as well by using the more subtle forms of energy through the higher chakra centers; Used this way Tantra becomes pure and powerful, a way for you to master the world with all its differences and variations. Tantra accepts all that is the way that it is, bringing you into alignment with yourself and nature. In the tantric view, nothing is good or bad; it just is... when you can start to work on yourself from where you are then you are moving in the right direction. Tantra helps you to look at yourself honestly and openly and gives you techniques to start the journey now! I hope people can start to embrace this practice without the misconceptions, if you can, you will come to find an eastern science that will transform your life. I believe the world is now ready for these teachings.

Our Tantra CD is now available.

Tantra - Guided Meditation Techniques for Transformation and Liberation

Chitra Sukhu - Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Newest Release is HERE!!! We're so excited to share this new CD with all of you. I spent 4 months in India working on this and other projects (which you'll hear about in the next month). Right now this CD is available for download but if you want to own the physical CD check back on March 7th. A little secret... right now you can get 20% off the download but for only a limited time, just enter in the discount code "tantra". Enjoy... Click the banner to get more info...

Back from our 4 months in Asia

Chitra Sukhu - Thursday, December 29, 2011

We spent our last 3 months in India. My children and I explored, worked and created new projects. Some of mine will be coming up for you all to see in the next few months. Just to give you an idea of whats coming up in Jan. 2012; a Tantric Meditation CD inspired by the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. These are meditation techniques to bring you to "center" to "self". This is not a children's CD but can certainly be used by everyone. These meditations are very powerful and can give you a glimpse of eternity. Two other very different CD's to follow in the coming months! Please sign up for our newsletter if you haven't done so already and we'll keep you in the loop.

CAMBODIA!!! Need I say more?

Lisa White - Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Well okay I will... We decided since we were one hour away from the border of Cambodia that we couldn't miss a visit to this country. Many people told us of the beautiful old temples mainly Angkor Wat, so we took the weekend and made the 4 hr. ride to Siem Reap Angkor.I'm so glad we did. My first impression as we crossed the border was how clean the roads were, the land was green with rice fields and the air seemed fresh; it's amazing that an imaginary line called the border seemed to allow us access to a whole new world. Two countries living side by side yet so completely different. This was the needed relief that we all needed from Surin, as we were starting to feel a bit homesick for hot showers and western food. Yes teaching at the local school is fulfilling but the comforts of home are missing. Being vegetarian in a country that is largely meat-eating is quite challenging, my breakfast, lunch and dinner consisted mostly of rice and more rice. This was the only thing I could be sure they didn't add fish, or oyster sauce too. 

Let's get back to Angkor Wat, we only had the weekend so we made the best of it by hiring a tuk tuk and making the tour from temple to temple. I noticed that their was a lot of Hindu influence in the temples. Vishnu, the preserver seemed to be the main god represented throughout. We were told that Angkor literally means "Capital City or "Holy City". The temples clearly had roots in Hindu mythology. For example many of the temples like Angkor Wat, Bakong, Ta Keo and others were based on the layout of mythological Mt. Meru, which sits at the center of the universe, and is the home of the gods of Hindu mythology. Hindu mythology is also evident in the carvings that adorn the temples. A variety of scenes can be found although the most commonly carved mythological characters are apsaras- celestial dancers. There are nearly 2000 apsara images carved in Angkor Wat alone.

For me the most impressive was Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm. Angkor Thom was the last capital of the Angkorian Empire, still very impressive to this day. Ta Prohm had a very special meaniing to me, because when I was working on my Yoga DVD for Teens I unknowingly took a picture from the internet of Ta Prohm to use as the idea for the setting and feel of the DVD. I didn't know this till I arrived at the scene of this temple and saw the exact picture in front of me. That was amazing!

 our Chariot awaits... This was our ride around Cambodia.

 on our way to Angkor Wat.

one of the Vishnu statues in Angkor Wat.

 Angkor Thom

 Buddha statue in Angkor Thom.

 Angkor Thom

 one of the temple walls.

 Ta Prohm

Teaching at the local Thai school...

Lisa White - Friday, September 02, 2011

So we are now in Surin, Thailand. Makaylo and Morgana have been teaching at the local school where their are 25 - 30 kids in a class, they each teach two classes, one class with 7yr. olds and one with 9-10yr. olds. I've taken on the role as their assistant, assisting both of them by handing out assignments, and helping the kids once they give them an assignment. I also help them in the evenings as they get together the lesson plan for the next day. It's been great watching the kids in this role of "teacher"; I think it's also been nice for them to see me in the role of "assistant". Although they have really embraced this role they are very clear that this is not what they want to do in the future, but they now have a new appreciation for teachers.

It's amazing and humbling to see these young kids so eager to learn. I think it's really good for my kids to see this and understand how fortunate they are and to not take their education for granted.  You can see that the funds are not there for the kids to have qualified teachers, so the schools are more than happy when a child of 13 or 17 volunteers to come and teach, and the kids let us know how appreciative they are by really paying attention and focusing on what's being taught.


Preparing for our Adventure; First stop Surin, Thailand!

- Sunday, August 21, 2011

We will arrive on the 27th of August. I have just arranged for the three of us, Makaylo, Morgana and myself to volunteer at different schools in Surin, we will be teaching English to Thai children. This will be the first among many stops that we'll be making as we make our way through Thailand and India. The three of us have decided to take this school year to home school and give back to others less fortunate. Please come along with us on this adventure by reading and commenting on our posts!!!  

My first REAL blog.

- Friday, August 05, 2011

This is my second attempt at blogging, the first attempt was short lived as I found myself too busy to sit and write. I'm hoping that with all the traveling I'll be doing this year, I'll be inspired and motivated to write about it, we'll see... What would really help is for all of you who are interested in reading about my escapades and experiences to write and comment so that we can have a dialogue, some communication. 

With the launch of my new website, which combines New Age Kids, inc. with my programs and whereabouts, I will try to keep you informed of all our new programs and products while supplying relevant information about Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda and Vedanta. We will do this through podcast, video, and newsletters (don't forget to sign up). 

Please have a look around our new site, would love feedback from anyone interested to share.