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Chitra Sukhu - Monday, June 11, 2012
Yoga is the union of your individual self with the supreme self. The scriptures have prescribed four spiritual disciplines to eradicate your thoughts and desires so that you can attain a state of enlightenment. The four disciplines are Bhakti Yoga, Gnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, and Hatha Yoga. In the west Hatha Yoga predominates; asanas - postures are done daily to purify the mind body system allowing for our higher nature or true nature to shine forth. Each of these yoga's are a system in itself to bring about transformation and to unite us with our true nature. In the east they prescribe the four disciplines according to temperament. For someone who is intellectual or always inquiring Gnana Yoga is a good fit, for someone whose heart is open, Bhakti Yoga is prescribed, and for someone whose heart and mind are equally open they prescribe Karma Yoga. Hatha yoga is prescribed for all but is a preliminary step to awaken the heart and intellect, once the heart and intellect are awakened you can enjoy the benefits of the other yoga's.  
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