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Cornelius and the Dog Star

Cornelius and the Dog Star


Written by Diana Spyropulos
Illustrated by Ray Williams

Reading Level: Ages 6-10
Pages: 48
Binding: hardcover
Size: 8.5" x 11"
ISBN: 978-0-935699-08-1

Cornelius Basset-Hound is a miserly old grouch who values outer appearances and proper behavior over expressing love and having fun with his family. Though he has always tried to do his duty and live an upright life, Cornelius is shocked when he arrives at the gates of Dog Heaven and is turned away for being such a grump.

Under the guidance of Sirius the Dog Star and other celestial helpers, Cornelius gradually learns the value of kindness and generosity, discovering that a dog’s life is not measured by how strict he is or the number of bones he earns. In the end, Cornelius is reincarnated as a puppy and rejoins his family in order to share his newfound zest for life.

Diana Spyropulos’ unusual story and Ray Williams’ dream-like illustrations make Cornelius and the Dog Star an unforgettable picture book experience. Winner of the 1996 Award of Excellence from Body Mind Spirit Magazine, this book is not only a wonderful introduction to heaven and the afterlife, but also a simple reminder to slow down and enjoy life.