Books for Children




By Jody Bergsma

Reading Level: Ages 7-12
Pages: 32
Binding: hardcover
Size: 8.5" x 11"
ISBN: 978-0-935699-17-3

The Royal Advisors of Lugin have a difficult task set before them. They must decide whether their peace-loving Prince Langilor is too gentle to effectively rule the kingdom. To prove his fitness to be king, Langilor embarks on an epic quest. Before he can claim the throne, the prince must conquer the fearsome, fire-breathing dragon, Saras.

Despite everyone’s doubts, Langilor tames the dragon, not through violence, but rather through cooperation, friendship, and respect. The first installment in author/illustrator Jody Bergsma’s breathtakingDragonFire trilogy, Dragon teaches children that kindness can overcome brute strength and that peaceful reconciliation, even in the most daunting situations, is indeed possible.

Named Best Children’s Book for 2000 by the Coalition of Visionary Retailers, Dragon was also a finalist for ForeWord Magazine’s Children’s Book of the Year Award. Inspired by Celtic imagery and myths, this engaging picture book is a must-read for fantasy and fairy tale enthusiasts!