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These are articles I’ve written over time, if you would like to publish on your site, newsletter, blog etc. Let me know I would be happy to share. Credit will have to be given and a link back to this site.
 - Chitra Sukhu

A Child's Perspective on Manifesting

Manifesting is confusing for someone my age, at first I thought I got the idea but I realized I didn’t when I put it to the test and nothing happened. I thought manifesting was like in Harry Potter where you waved a wand and something appeared out of nowhere. When put to the test this did not work, I was disappointed. When I saw the movie “The Secret” I was baffled about the concept of manifesting, what I got out of the movie was that manifesting meant that if I thought about something hard enough I would somehow get it. I decided to put this law to the test again. One day while I was trying to raise $300 for a new laptop, I thought hard hoping to manifest. I pretended I was receiving the money, seeing the money, I was feeling the money, being the money, but then my mom interrupted my manifesting flow and asked “what are you doing?” I told my mom I was manifesting money for my computer and she said that just by thinking about something really hard doesn’t mean that it is going to just fall out of the sky. She said when you put your attention on anything the universe will give you opportunities in your life to get what you want. It is now up to you to take advantage of the opportunities. I thought long and hard about this idea, at first I was a little disappointed that I might have to work for the money. I mean how is that manifesting? If I have to work for it then won’t I get it any way? However, I decided that I had nothing to lose and a computer to gain. So I thought about the $300, I thought long and hard about all the opportunities that could come my way and in what forms they may come in. Later that month I was offered the chance to help my mom out at a gift show; I hesitated, but then my mom’s advice about the universe giving me an opportunity to make the money came to mind, so I accepted. I decided to look for a product I could sell and make money. I found these singing magnets which I really liked and I knew I could get others as excited about them as I was. I got to my first gift show and started to sell the magnets and it turned out that I was a natural salesman and at the end of the day I ended up with about $500.  Manifesting worked for me and it could work for anybody who believes in it.
--Makaylo Van Peebles - 13 yrs.old