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These are articles I’ve written over time, if you would like to publish on your site, newsletter, blog etc. Let me know I would be happy to share. Credit will have to be given and a link back to this site.
 - Chitra Sukhu

Lessons Learned from a Child

Most of us with children have realized by now that our children are not only our students in life but also our teachers. Many of my own lessons have been driven home by just observing these amazing souls adapt to life. Like the time I observed my children in the back of the car arguing because one had called the other a monkey. I sat there listening to her cry and scream as the other taunted her with words that had no validity. I finally had to step in because she was making herself sick with anger over being called something she obviously was not, but yet did not have the skills required to handle the situation. So I asked her gently if she thought she might be a monkey. Of course her reply was no. So I proceeded to follow my line of logical reasoning and asked her why then was she upset that someone called her something she obviously was not? Could it be he was a little off in his assessment of her or could it be that maybe the response he was looking for was the one she was readily giving, thereby giving him exactly what he wanted, granting him a victory in this game they were both engaged in. I finally calmed her down and explained to her the rules of this game all kids play, this game I think we all engage in even as adults. We can never be hurt or pulled down by words unless we choose to own them. How many times have we allowed ourselves to get upset or hurt over something that was said about us but was not true? Some where along the way we chose to own the hurtful comments, to believe someone else knew us better than we know ourselves. Sometimes their might be an element of truth to what someone is saying and that upsets us, and if that is the case it is a good time to evaluate and reflect on the issue. If it is something you don’t like about yourself you have the power to change it. Life is a series of moments that present choices at every turn. It is up to you to make sure that the choices you make at every turn are in line with your higher self. Don’t give anyone power over your mental state. It is time to be responsible for your states of mind. To realize that know one can make you feel anything unless you allow it. Keep your power. Keep your mind steady and calm living up to the higher ideals and you will sail through life learning your lessons.
--Chitra Sukhu