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Activity Schedule

Campers will begin each day with ten minutes of meditation, followed by 45 min. of yoga. They will also each participate in team-based sports, as well as counselor led team-building games. Our improv/drama hour will focus on 'life lessons' where they will explore different areas of the Universal Laws, including the Law of Attraction, Law of Perception, Moral/Ethical Codes of Conduct and the Law of Causation (including Karma).

We will also devote a portion of the week to our special 'Living Green' laws. Through the use of drama and improv, campers will explore not only Universal Laws, but also the practicalities of life and will hopefully come away with some key attributes that help build character, such as: treating others with respect; using manners where appropriate; giving love and being truthful; being tolerant and striving for peace in all aspects of life.

Campers will also devote a significant portion of their time to 'project sessions'.  During the 'project sessions', campers will learn a deeper understanding of the Universal Law of Attraction, and will work on creating their very own "Dream Book", which they will each be able to take away with them at the end of their week-long journey and exploration onto the path of enlightenment.