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Guided Meditations for Manifesting - Journey to LIfe

Guided Meditations for Manifesting - Journey to LIfe

For Teens and Adults

Physical CD - $16.99 

Download CD - $11.99 

These meditations take you on a journey through your mind, to create your every dream... your every desire... your every wish... Anything can be manifested through the mind. Learn how to use this power through meditation. Life is a journey to be taken with full awareness. Know that each thought creates your reality. Each choice making your destiny; you are the master... These meditations will change your mind, shifting the kaleidoscope, giving your life new perspective. Draw to you your perfect mate. Bring success into your life. Heal your body with life giving prana. Create happiness throughout your life, and bring peace into your soul. Don't let your mind limit you; achieve whatever your mind can imagine. These meditations will show you how. Each meditation is accompanied with original music.

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