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Prema - Mantras for Manifesting Love

Prema - Mantras for Manifesting Love

Physical Cd $16.99

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Mantras for Manifesting Series

  • Prema – Mantras for Manifesting Love 
  • Shanti – Mantras for Manifesting Peace 
  • Svastha – Mantras for Manifesting Health 
  • Ananda – Mantras for Manifesting Happiness 
  • Shakti – Mantras for Manifesting Success and Prosperity

These powerful sounds (mantra) re-arrange the energetic universe in such a way to bring about your intended desire. This is the power of Mantra. Your intention directs the mind focusing it on a desire, the sound of mantra grounds it into the physical universe rearranging the elements in such a way that allows for your desired result. These mantras I've collected and put together for you, it will help you to manifest and create the life of your dreams. Enjoy!

Mantras for Love - We are all embodiments of love, but most of us don’t experience this love. These mantras will raise your vibration to the highest frequency, which is pure love. In this space you’re whole; from this space you can attract the love that you desire.

Mantras for Love CD is good for:

  • Attracting a partner
  • Increasing compassion
  • Humanitarian work
  • Learning to love yourself
  • Connecting to your creative nature
  • Raising your frequency to the highest vibration
  • Sending vibrations of love throughout the planet
Listen to a sample clip: