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Yashoda 9/2018
Being born into a yogic family is a blessing per se, since it transforms one's entire life into one continuous stream of Sadhana (spiritual practice).
Chitra Sukhu has that blessing and you can tell just from the way and depth she embodies the ancient vedic wisdom.

It is exactly this timeless wisdom which provides her with the effortless ease to rest and stand comfortably in her power. A power that is not in need of any agency to be expressed, since it emanates from beingness and spawns from “SAT” (absolute truth), the insights revealed by the Hindu wisdom tradition of the vedas. Thus Chitra not only teaches from the foundations of an unbroken yogic lineage but also personifies the teachings she lives and gives.

There is a beautiful quote from the Dalai Lama, it goes like this:
“The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.” (Dalai Lama)

Chitra Sukhu comes to us exactly as this, a peacemaker, healer, restorer, storyteller and a lover of all kinds.

The naturalness of her deep inner wisdom and profound strength translates into spoken and unspoken teachings for all who might not yet have such an ease of access to their own innate depth, wisdom and strength.

A beautifully gifted wise teacher and definitely one of the league the Dalai Lama prescribes to heal the planet!

Rise! 3 day Seminar in Ufa, Russia May 2018 

Urazgulova Vera Galievna 
These magic days were sent to me by the universe herself. I had a request to start yoga and meet the teacher who comes from this magic oriental culture, and it happened! Great gratitude to Chitra for delicacy grace, space! thanks for girls who arranged that, Liana, Natalia, Gulnara, you are cool. Thanking the whole group for being open and positive. Waiting for new meetings and for the next visit of Chitra.  

Vasilyeva Evgenia Viktorovna 5/2018 
Gratitude to Chitra for three nice days and amazing space.  Joy, Love, highest vibrations, wonder. there is a deep awareness and self acceptance, harmony and femininity, beauty and calmness (peace) hidden in Chitra.
The participants of the course were radiating kindness and openness, it made me take more and more knowledge, I would love to be with you again. I took the practices from the course and I realize I like what I am doing. There is huge work to be done in front of me, but it is worth it. Accepting everything which is decided before and given from the above. Accepting myself and allowing myself. Continue playing games, but having tools for making the mind humble.  (mind mortification?)
Om, Shanti

Timoshenko Alexandra Vladimirovna 
I had three fantastic days at Rise course with Chitra Sukhu and our group in wonderful Ufa city. All answers to my questions that I received came from my personal awareness (higher self - she taught us this communication). That knowledge and experience that I received from the course is very valuable for me. I am thanking the girls Liana, Natasha and Gulnara who invited Chitra. I am thanking the Universe for letting me meet Chitra. She is a true love, she is a guide, she is ready to share all her endless knowledge she has to anyone who is ready to allow himself/herself to accept. 

Kuchumova Aliya Radikovna 
Thank you so much for arranging and having this wonderful event, these three amazing days! During the course I clearly felt the interaction with the Time, as if I went to some ether space, sometime the time was thick, sometime dynamic. It was my first time to attend such an event, when everything is in the flow, steady, calm at the same time very deep and capacious. I am really impressed by Chitra, by her beauty and knowing how to be a Woman (female Charisma?) and for owning her values. (self-esteem) Despite she spoke english, liana's translation and gulnara's support helped to create the feeling of unity and apprehension. I received a lot of practical working information, majority of which can be easily embedded and used in daily life. I would like to mention Yoga nidra experience, which impressed me very much, it created a special feeling of being cheerful, filled up with energy and rested/refreshed even in the end of the long day! I would like to thank organizers, every participant and of course Chitra herself for creating the space, atmosphere, expanding the boarders of consciousness and new insights! And i forgot to mention a special surprise from Chitra on the last day, it was such a wonder to receive a card with the message from the Universe with Chitra's explanation

Kiseleva Margarita Faritovna  
Gratitude to Chitra for a nice space, high vibrations, openness and that Love which flew with such a care and sense of tact. Deeply understood how important to be on higher vibrations and to create the environment to reach them by purpose. It is important to be open to the World and to interaction with the Spirit. I have a desire to receive more practice in the Chitra's space (field).


Dear Chitra,  
Thank you so much for the wonderful class this past weekend! I came to the class with a very basic understanding of Ayurveda and I left feeling so inspired to dive much deeper in. 
Thank you!    
Sarah Pyrda

Dear Chitra,
Thank you for the wonderful contact and for easing the path that leads 
me to my Buddhi (higher self).
With a warm embrace from,
July Armbruster

Dear Chitra,
Thank you so much, I very much appreciated your workshop and help!
Wishing you all the energy you need for your coming seminars. 
With my repeated thanks and love

L. Mahros
Thank you for the very lovely course with you. It helps me to think about my way. I hope to meet you again soon, because I am on the first steps on my way to heaven and I wish to learn from a good teacher like you, who understand. Hope to meet my BUDDY and you as soon as possible! In love Layla

Testimonial for - Chakra: Guided Meditations to Unleash your full Potential 

24-09-2010( WV )
I have been dabbling and working with chakra's for years and i would give up. not able to complete them all at any one time. or feel anything. last nite i had a mind blowing experience and i just had to share. I cannot wait to work with the chakra's again. Thank you so much for your priceless!!! meditations!!!!

"Dragonfly goddess" (NJ USA) Definitely one of my tops, June 6, 2009
First, I am a massage therapist, Reiki Master and Intuitive who spends a bit of time meditating and developing my psychic senses. I mention this because I have listened to (and own) many, many cds -from New Age music, to trance, to meditation, etc. This, by far, along with a few precious other (guess I'll have to make a listmania!) is one of my favorites. Her voice, the music and the way one chakra meditation flows into the next is just perfect. When I am having a more stressed out day than I'd like, this is the cd I pick to get me back in really, really works and, unfortunately, I can't say that about many other products claiming the same.

Sometimes, guided meditations can be annoying...especially when the speaker tells you to take deep breaths, etc. and then doesn't give you enough time to follow through before he/she starts talking again and moving on to other directives. You will not find this here. Voice is beautiful and soothing. She knows her stuff, but yet she offers her guidance in a beautiful, subtle way, almost as if she's gently feeding you the information via her voice and music, and not in a pushy, "I know more than you about this" kind of way. 

There are, unfortunately Reiki and Meditation and Yogi (etc!) "snobs" who have an air of self-importance about them. They certainly don't exemplify what these practices are supposed to be about. This woman has been practicing since she was a child and perhaps that is why she exudes such an air of effortlessness and unpretentiousness. I can really feel that she makes these cds in her earnestness to share with others the great gifts that she was lucky enough to be exposed to since a child. Obviously, she is able to make money at it to, but she should-this is part of her life's path. Her gift far outweighs the purchase price, I truly believe! 

Another reviewer mentions she wishes that music were more different for each chakra. I don't wish that at all!-there are subtle differences which you can notice, but not to the extreme. If you are going through each chakra meditation you should not be jarred out of your progressively relaxed and inner awareness by music that keeps changing too much-I believe that would be too harsh. There are different tones and sounds (as well as colors) that are associated with each chakra-the tones change in each of the chakra meditations to coordinate the appropriate tone to the concentrated chakra. She also chants the tones in the appropriate sound, but it is again not harsh or jarring, but in a very soothing way so that it melts into the music. If you do it along with her you will feel the vibrations in your body-this is a wonderful affirmation that your work is really doing something wonderful for your body mind and spirit. 
I am here online today to purchase other cds from this beautiful and talented woman! My hats off to her!

Gani (USA) If you've only one chakra CD this should be it!!!April 26, 2008 
Chitra's voice guides you beautifully within to each chakra. She is able to explain within the guided meditation key points about the chakras which allows for you to learn in a way that is not preachy. By the end of each meditation I was very clear on what each chakra represented and understood how to use it in my life. The visualizations were colorful and creative, I also enjoyed the way she used the sounds of each chakra to tune into and balance the chakras. I have now bought this CD for a few of my friends and Highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about how to use the chakras in this unique way... Unleashing your full potential!

Demattei (FL USA) March 3, 2009 This CD walks you through the process of concentrating and picturing the Chakras and their location. Then she takes you to places thru meditation, and she guides you all the way. She is great, and she has a very soft voice that helps you concentrate and to follow her guidance. I recommend this if you are in the process of opening your chrakras for the first time it's a great cd to own.

Testimonial for - Guided Meditations for Manifesting

"Gani" I was really impressed with this CD. I am now creating my life consciously!January 24, 2008

I have been reading a lot about "the secret" or law of attraction. This CD helped me to put it into play. Chitra's descriptive soothing voice led me to the place inside where I was able to clearly see my path. Thank you a job well done.

AquariusMusicCom (Los Angeles) It just blew me away...May 4, 2010
The voice in combination with the wording opened my consciousness in a way I never experienced before in 20 years of trying to achieve the state of meditation. Would recommend this to anyone who has an open heart. Thank you for putting together this outstanding experience. It definitely helps you to dissolve any blockages you might have to manifesting your ideal life. This is the LAW OF ATTRACTION put into practice.

Testimonial for - Guided Meditations for the Soul

Rhonda Lageyre
( Tamarindo, Costa Rica )
I have been meditating for the last couple years, and though I love my practice, I do find it so hard to clear my mind. I am therefore delighted to have come across Chitra's "Guided Meditation For The Soul" CD. It is focusing me, is beautiful to listen to, and though I am just starting to work with it, I know it will be a much cherished CD of mine for years to come. Chitra has such a touch with her words, tone and message, which all combined create a joyful/extremely peaceful and relaxing guided meditation to look forward to each morning. Thank you Chitra!

Konrad Westendorf
( Edmonton,Alberta,Canada )
You are the first and only person that I know who plays with her mind,as I learnd to do during my lonely childhood. We are masters of our dreams,and consequently don't hear voices but have
instead thought dreams.

Testimonial for - Guided Meditations for Children - Journey into the Elements

Helene Gatling, Kindergarten teacher, Escuela de Montessori
I'm a kindergarten teacher, and when students come into class after lunch they're pretty high with energy. This wonderful meditation CD is every teacher's prayer. It's on the student's level and it calmed them immediately and put them in a serene state. The soft voice and melodious music took the students to many lands. Guided Meditation for Children is a superb and productive investment for teachers and parents for children of all ages.

Betsy Horowitz, Art Producer, Los Angeles
When I first read about guided meditation for kids, I thought this was a fascinating idea. And when I heard the CD, it lived up to my expectations. It is magical, creative, inspirational, full of wisdom and colors...the voices are soothing to the soul and bring me immediately to that place inside myself where love already resides. I thought I was buying it for my niece. However, I was unable to let go of it. I fall asleep to it nightly and bring the mermaids and nomes into my dreams.

Ann Moore, Housewife and mother
When I purchased this CD, I didn't know what to expect. I have a 7 year old hyperactive child who can't stay focused. I thought I would give this CD a shot, I tried everything else. I want you to know he loves the wise Gnome in the forest, the guardian angel and Surya King of the Sun. He requests this CD often before bedtime and I have noticed that he is calmer, and more rested in the mornings, thank you for thinking of our children.

R. Baker, Investment Banker
"These tapes give our youth leadership principles usually never learned in life, How to Use and Obtain Peace of Mind!"
God bless and Thank you!

Mary, 4 yrs old
I like the ocean and the mermaids, they make me feel pretty, and it makes me fall asleep with nice dreams.

Tiaka, 30 yrs old
As a nervous flyer that travels frequently. I found that the CD is helpful in taking me to another place beside the airplane. I looped the CD to give me constant peace throughout my travels.

Deepak Chopra
This is a beautiful meditation CD which will help children experience restful alertness and enhance their energy and creativity.

Dennis Deja, New Leaf Distributor
"Chitra's meditations are powerful stuff. She is THE dynamic new voice! A must listen!"

Julia and my daughter Leona
I am very, very, pleased with your CD --my daughter who is six years old loves the dolphin meditation. I think it is marvelous and this kind of CD for children is well overdue. It would be good if the schools played it to the children in class.
>Love, light and many blessings to you and your family.

Elevated Mind
How refreshing!! With all of the stories of all the negative things going on in our world, (and believe me, I'm infuriated by it!) it's good to know that we can give our children tools to cope with it, and the hope that they can create the kind of world that they envision. We need more resources like this.

Lori & Chris Bain -- Design Engineer & Student
( Milford, CT )
Chris & I have been listening to the guided meditation for children non-stop since we got home, Saturday night. Just in these 2 days we are noticing a difference; we both feel very positive, calm & focused. We both have such long days, and this has become a wonderful tool, allowing us to ease through the days. Going through these adventures brings us back to the child inside, and helps us get a positive perspective on life. If only everyone, not just kids,listen to your cd's, what a peaceful world we would live in. Your messages are
so important for us to remember, and our future generations to learn.
Thank you for bringing such beautiful words and music into the world.

Lily Goldner, 8 yrs old
“This CD made me feel very calm and relaxed. Meditation is good for kids so they don’t get too excited about everything. Maybe if they’ve had a rough day, it helps them calm down. At the end of every meditation someone like the King of the Gnomes or the King of the Sun tells you something important, like the environment is part of the world and part of you, so if you hurt the environment you’re hurting yourself. It made me feel SO relaxed.”

I love the kids CD's. The sounds and words are so comforting.
Keep making them!!!  

J.L. Streett "RVGypsies" (Changes every week, United States) 
My kids favorite!
October 15, 2007

I have a few different relaxation CD's for bedtime and THIS is the one my boys ask for. Both my 4 year old and 7 year old love it and I love to listen to it while I'm cuddling with them. It's a good length for each meditation with beautiful relaxing music in between each story. Of all the bedtime CD's this is the best I've found. The whole family enjoys listening to it for bedtime for the stories, music and relaxation excercises. It's great! If you want to buy only one CD for bed time, I'd recommend this one.

ExcellentFebruary 24, 2007
Froodychick (East Coast USA)Excellent CD for children. My son was having trouble falling asleep, we used this CD and he is sleepng well.

"Cyber Gypsy" PerfectMay 30, 2007
Beautiful music, lovely voice, child-friendly and uplifting for both children AND adults. I gave this to my son who is 7 and he put it on his walkman when he went to bed. Half way through he came running out exclaiming; "It's gorrrrrgeous!!! I love it!!!" We also play it in the car and on the way to school and home. I'm a fan of Waldorf philosophy and the gnome and the elements went down great with us.

"emom" Made all the difference in the world!May 19, 2007
My 7 year old son was suffering from insomnia. I turned to this self guided meditation but in all truth I didn't hold a lot of hope that it would work for him. It did. This CD is fantastic. My son finds it very calming and it helps him to fall asleep. We used it every night for a month or so and now we use it on occasion if he is having a difficult time falling asleep. It works like a charm. I highly reccommend.

"Waterlily" Excellent, compassionate guided meditations for childrenJanuary 6, 2007
This cd is great! Chitra Sukhu is a kind and compassionate voice for children, especially those with sleep anxiety. I highly recommend this cd.

"Jennifer J Gentry" Welcome new part of our daily routineJune 10, 2009
I have kids ages 6, 4, and 2. I have been doing yoga with the older two, but this is great for everybody. It is so relaxing and a really wonderful way to start the day for all of us.

"JCS" wonderfulMay 5, 2009                                                                                                                  This is a great cd for bedtime and quiet time. The narrator has a soothing voice and a nice slow rhythm. Very positive experience.

Testimonials for Visions of Sugarplums

Kat "Roadrunner" (Texas) Just what I was looking for...

Oct. 15, 2007 I bought this cd to help my grandchildren fall asleep peacefully and also learn the art of meditation. We have learned peaceful breathing. The first day the cd arrived we played it and within 12 minutes they were sleeping. At first we thought they were just sleepy. However, we loaned it out to a friend and her son fell asleep promptly, also. I even use it on those stressful nights when I have trouble falling asleep.

M.M. Bahr December 16, 2008

This CD has excellent soft music and a soft soothing voice that has helped my 8 month old stay asleep longer. Not only is an aid to his sleep but it has excellent messages for his subconscious (affirmations). I highly recommend this CD if you are looking for a sleeping aid for your children.

My children love this CDNovember 9, 2009


While I haven't fully listend to the CD myself, my two children (ages 8 and 6) really enjoy it and fall asleep within minutes 10-15 minutes without fail. It seems to really help focus them and take their minds of their worries/thoughts so that they are able to fall asleep and feel well rested for school the next day. I would recommend this to a friend.

5.0 out of 5 stars