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These are articles I’ve written over time, if you would like to publish on your site, newsletter, blog etc. Let me know I would be happy to share. Credit will have to be given and a link back to this site.
 - Chitra Sukhu

The Time for Ayurveda has come!

When the collective consciousness of a people calls the universe responds. The time for a health care that empowers the evolution of consciousness has come.

We no longer think of health as just a concern for body, but a method of happiness and well being for the whole personality. Long life is not the only criteria, but rather a long, happy healthy and fulfilling life is what is desired.

To answer this need ayurveda has come again. After years of suppression, the will and need of humanity has manifested this system again. Its origin is full of multi-layered, multi dimensional stories. However it is believed that this science was revealed to Rishi Bharadvaja from the Divine Cosmic Intelligence. It is Divine Revelation, no guessing, no uncertainty, and therefore no necessity for testing and harming animals or any other life forms.

Ayurveda is a complete healing science, of body, mind, and senses. It is as old as creation itself. This knowledge has been passed down orally from master to disciple through many generations, and is recorded in the Vedas, which are regarded as the oldest writings in the world.

Around 1500 BC ayurveda was delineated into specific branches of medicine. There were two main schools of ayurveda at that time . Atreya--the school of physicians, and Dhantanwari--the school of surgeons. the branches of ayurveda covered all the topics of modern medicine....
1) internal medicine
2) surgery
3)cranial organo medicine 
4) pediatrics
5) toxicology
6) rejuvenation
7) aphrodisiac
8) psychiatry ( with great emphasis on spirituality )

Learned men from China, Tibet, Greece, Rome. Egypt, Persia, and many others regions traveled to India, to study this system of healing, and took it back to their country. It is accepted by many scholars that Ayurveda, influenced the ancient systems of medicine, also the humoral system practiced by Hippocrates.

During the period of British rule in India, Ayurveda went through a great decline due to the domination of the western model of healing. Ayurveda became a degraded, second class option for the poor, practice by spiritual healers. However after India’s independence in 1947 Ayurveda gradually revived. It is now flourishing in depth and breath all around the world. Hundreds of schools, colleges, hospitals, clinics, doctors, practitioners, and health counselors,  not only in India but all around the world, particularly in America, Europe, Australia and New Zeeland are pioneering a vast movement for a healing system, that is comprehensive, compassionate and evolutionary.

All of this is very good and progressive news, however to keep the sanctity and wholeness of ayurveda alive we need practitioners who would follow along the way of the Rishis, that is to live a life of spiritual sadhana. Hippocrates stated this idea as “ physician heal thyself “ From such a life the wisdom fountain of healing flows, ever fresh, ever new, and forever healing. Ignoring this vital point, we risk degrading this holy, healing science to a cheap mundane substitute.

Yes, the time for this complete healing science of body, mind and senses has come, and we are ready for it. It is of Divine origin and we can continue to receive the inspiration through a happy, disciplined and meditative lifestyle in tune with the cosmic energies..
Leela Mataji